I recently saw a story on CNN about an apostate leaving the Church. He has now decided to make it his life’s goal to bring down the truth and attack the simple faith of his former brothers and sisters. This has sadly been a common pattern for those that reject the truth. His actions are part of a larger effort against faith which has resulted in frequent bad press over the past few months. Much of this has been the result of our stance on marriage, with people who don’t really understand our doctrine criticizing us for being frauds or even evil.

This is a pattern prophesied in the scriptures. God’s one true Church on earth will be attacked and criticized, our leaders slandered and sometimes jailed. But God must try His people. Our faith must be tested.

Many of our trials will not make sense to us. One trial for me was when I learned about our prophet marrying 12 year old and 16 year old girls. Some people said that his intimacy with them constituted pedophilia. When these events are taken out of context, they can be shocking or disturbing to the uninformed like they were to me.

But in reality, these things shouldn’t matter to us. For the faithful, our prophet is God’s spokesman on Earth. If God commanded it, then who are we to question its morality?  As members fall away over these single events, they forget the goodness that the Church has brought them. They give up the light in their lives and choose darkness by letting go of the Iron Rod and wandering towards the great and spacious building to mock and laugh at us. Thus we see the true separation of the wheat and the tares – people can leave the Church, but they can’t leave it alone.

I acknowledge that it is hard keeping faith when so many “antis” are attacking our beliefs. Remember: doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Lean on the miraculous and powerful evidence of the Book of Mormon. It is evidence that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet, and that the authority to lead and guide was passed down to Brigham Young who led the Saints west, then to John Taylor, who revealed God’s will in the 1886 revelation. The Book of Mormon is unique to our faith, and it is the cornerstone that I lean on when modern Gadianton robbers come knocking.

Besides, what would happen if I leave? What would happen to the precious truths of the gospel, like eternal families, modern-day prophets, and the atonement of Jesus Christ? We see through glass darkly. Are just a few stumbling blocks worth giving the precious things up? We don’t have the whole picture about these events, but don’t give up your whole testimony for simply lacking answers. Leaving the Church over the actions of its prophet will never be a problem if your testimony is rooted in the foundation of Jesus Christ.

No matter how difficult it gets, no matter how tough persecution becomes, I know that this is is Jesus Christ’s Church. Everything else is just side noise, and all of this is fundamentally about Him. Because of my faith in him, I will always stand by His prophet, Warren S. Jeffs. I know that the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s one true Church. I know this by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have taken Moroni’s promise and tested it. When I prayed, my chest burned with a sure witness that NO ONE can ever take away from me. This is His Church. This is His will. And even when I can’t understand the whole picture, I will always choose to believe.


Albert Carrington
Albert Carrington
Albert Carrington served as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles until he was excommunicated for adultery. During his disciplinary court, Elder Carrington tried to argue that he had only committed "a little folly in Israel!", but the current brethren couldn't be bothered to give him a break. Learn more about Elder Carrington here.
  • ranaj

    Brilliance. Pure and simple.

  • Natalie Glaus

    Brilliant! I enjoy the wit used by the contributers on this blog.

  • Paul_Bunyan

    I am so sick of these trolls that make a mockery of belief and honest faith and look for any possible way of attacking and slandering our founding prophet, and stealing our language to lure in unsuspecting believers who are then insulted with the name of a confirmed scheming, lying con man instead of a courageous prophet of god!! I FOR ONE stand by the true prophet, James J. Strang, with my life!! (

    • Metallicwyrm W.

      Incorrect, and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster will strike you down for your blasphemy!

  • DCAinSLC

    Please provide a link to the CNN story cited in this story.

  • Josh Shapiro

    Ah, the power of brain washing

  • larryj

    Thanks, I needed that simple and timely reminder of the priceless value of the experience I had during my 60 years in the church.

  • Hubidy Wutsit

    Typing opinions on a keyboard is an “attack” to you? You know there were Mormons who were killed, beaten and chased from their homes, right? THAT’s an attack. That you needed to exaggerate the transgression against your sensibilities is indicative of the precarious nature of this faith for which you’ve chosen to stand. Maybe you read something that you’re afraid was correct?

    • Shem

      So in your narrow mind, you think that the only definition of an attack is a physical one?

      • Hubidy Wutsit

        How would you ever be justified in calling me narrow minded? Are you unable to see the irony here? I was criticizing hyperbole, and here you come with what is really only a semantic argument, but you feel justified calling me narrow-minded by that alone? You going to call me anti-Mormon now? A bigot, perhaps? You’ve shown poorly already, why not just go all the way?

        • Shem

          Well, what are you? Because you seem to be offended by this blog post and you have clearly claim that the only way you can use the word attack is physical. I’m only calling you on it.

          • Hubidy Wutsit

            I’d love to see what constitutes this “attack” because I have little doubt that it would be anything terribly aggressive. I’m offended by phoniness, especially those who pose themselves as victims of oppression, those who are addicted to outrage, especially on behalf of others; by people who throw around insults and ad homini in apparent efforts to shut down dissenting opinions. So, I was weakly offended by the blog, more offended by you.

          • Shem

            Again, what are you? A Mormon or an Ex-Mormon?

          • Hubidy Wutsit

            Ex-Mormon (3…2…1…)

          • Shem

            But you’re sympathizing with Mormons on this one. Whatever, maybe this blog isn’t for you. Maybe you should move on to something that fits your worldview no matter how small it is.

          • Hubidy Wutsit

            ^Acknowledges openness, but needs to keep up the bum’s rush, so it’s back to being narrow-minded. Evidence be damned. As per usual. /yawn

          • SneakyJimmy

            So what is your take on the blog? Do you support the true church as outlined or do you denounce it?

    • John Jeppson

      I know this is six months later for you, but I would encourage you to look into the Salt Sermon, the 4th of July Sermon, and the Gallitin and the events leading up the the first Mormon war.

      I’ll give you a primer, Mormons moved to where they agreed they wouldn’t, voted in a bloc like they said the wouldn’t, “gentiles” fought them, Mormons fought back. Mormon leaders called for extermination of dissenters (former apostles who disagreed with the political violence and were run off) and anyone else who would get in their way.

      Mormons razed several towns and stole everyone’s property and took it to the Bishop’s storehouse in Adam-andi-ahmen. The President of the Church in Missouri and another Apostle left the church to testify against them to the state government (and not over milk strippings). At which point the LDS militias, who had already razed more than one town, were considered a public threat, and the extermination order (which mimicked the language of Rigdon’s sermon) was levied vs the Mormons.

      It was messy, and there were deaths on all sides, but there is no questioning that the Mormons played a large role in the violence and the escalations thereof. They were not harmless martyrs. They chased and beat people in Missouri first.

  • Mario De La Peña

    You said you learned about JSmith marrying a couple of teenagers. According to the lds church, people who fail to understand the moral of this it is because those events are taken out of context. In all the time I was in the church, I never came to learn that “context” except what you said: “the lord commanded it, who am I to question the moral of it”? Like really? Is that how you live your life? just blind obedience? You just ignore everything what is wrong in the church and accept it just like that? by “faith”?

    The day we start to question everything we’ll understand many great truths. We have a brain for a reason.

  • fecklessderek

    Straw man dot com

  • td8057

    “Hey Hilldale! That’s where we live! Or that’s where we’re going to live… some day.”
    “Marty it was a… dream, wasn’t it?”

    No, but in all seriousness like… leaving the Church over the actions of the prophet SHOULD NEVER EVEN BE A CONSIDERATION if your testimony is rooted in the foundation of Jesus Christ!

  • Nobunaga73


  • charles rivera

    Crying and sad…because I could have written this pap, this vapid, blinders on, naive, evidence-challenged, sing Alleluia and rely on faith 5-minute Sacrament Talk as a raging TBM LDS myself!

  • Paxton

    I don’t care what the world says…I also know that Warren S. Jeffs is a true Prophet of God…now where did that 12 year old girl go…damn they’re sure fast for a 60 year old man to chase around the house after…

  • charles rivera

    The Kool Aid is strong in this one.

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