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SALT LAKE CITY- In an attempt to appeal to the rising generation, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just announced the release of a new edition of the Book of Mormon written in millennial language.

“It’s way tight,” said spokesperson LeGrand Frost. “Now youngsters can read the scriptures in the language they understand which is totes legit… or something.”

Since its first publication in 1830, The Book of Mormon has been translated into at least 80 languages. While all the translations have attempted to stay true to the formal structure of the original manuscript, the Millennials’ Edition, makes no such attempt.

“Sure its a ‘gutsy’ move,” said Frost. “But we have to do something rad to keep the 14-28 year olds interested. Apparently more meetings isn’t trill enough for them.”

Besides helping Millennials, Frost also stated that the Millennials’ Edition is intended to help parents familiarize themselves with the language of their children.

Daughters of Zion
“It’s important for parents to communicate with their kids on their level. The Millennials’ Edition will help them do that. A family that baes together, stays together.”

The Book of Mormon Millennials’ Edition is now available on the LDS scriptures app.




Richard R. Lyman
Richard R. Lyman
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