I don’t want to downplay how difficult it is for many people to leave the LDS Church. But I think it’s important to always see the silver lining in life, and in the case of the church, I believe that the cloud is almost entirely platinum once you’re able to step back and evaluate it without bias. So here’s a list of every positive of leaving the church I can think of, however small. If they don’t all apply to you (you may still choose to live certain standards, and that’s awesome), that’s ok. This is a buffet, people!

  1. You get to live life on your own terms, and not on a conveyer belt of culturally- and doctrinally-decided steps.
  2. You get to help people and do good just because you can, not because you’re anticipating blessings. What better display of character is there than that?
  3. You don’t have to make excuses for the parts of church history or policy or doctrine that make you uncomfortable. (The next time the church embarrasses itself with a new homophobic policy? You don’t have to stand by it! Hooray!)
  4. You no longer indirectly support polygamy and teen brides and racism and sexism and goodness knows what else.
  5. You can wear whatever underwear you freaking want!
  6. You get a 10% pay raise, or an extra 10% you can use to help whoever you want.
  7. Sundays can become brunch and hiking days. Or whatever else you might love. Golf, I hear, is popular. You can also go volunteer wherever you like. #SecondSaturday
  8. You don’t have to believe that the world is “just getting worse” (when evidence shows otherwise) or that it’s going to end soon! YOU CAN HAVE FAITH IN HUMANITY’S ABILITY TO MAKE THINGS BETTER, AS THEY HAVE BEEN DOING! No more doomsday prepping? Awesome! (But a few months of food storage is probably still a smart idea!)
  10. You can wear whatever you want in summer, meaning you’ll probably sweat a lot less.
  11. You can wear whatever you want IN GENERAL, because shoulders aren’t pornographic!
  12. You can wear bikinis and have a tanned stomach for the first time in your life.
  13. (For single people) You can make dating and marriage decisions that aren’t affected by your sexual urges. You get to take your time and save up for a dream honeymoon.
  14. You can drink alcohol. (Drink responsibly, people. Or irresponsibly. It’s your life.) I really recommend this cranberry orange mulled wine recipe for the holiday season. Red wine contains healthy antioxidants that may prevent cancer!
  15. (A healthier alternative to most alcohol) You can vape/eat/smoke marijuana. If you live in Colorado… or have a medical condition that could be helped by it. Again, it’s your life.
  16. (For women) You can have a career! If you want!
  17. You can vote democrat.
  18. You don’t have to spend hours engaging in cult-like temple ceremonies when you could be out helping real people in actually real ways.
  19. You can drink coffee (or tea) when you need a pick-me-up. Coffee is also good for you and may prevent cancer! We recommend Celestial Blend, because it’s the most apostate-friendly.
  20. You can drink green tea and never age. Kind of. It has anti-aging properties, let’s just leave it there.
  21. You can go shopping on Sundays.
  22. You can explore Mormon history (if you’re interested) to your heart’s content, without fearing that it’ll destroy your worldview and/or life.
  23. You can watch Bridesmaids, 21 Jump Street, and any other R-rated movie you feel like watching.
  24. You can stop supporting BYU. Honestly, it’s just embarrassing at this point anyway.
  25. You can listen to any song you want without worrying that it’ll turn you into a sexual fiend.
  26. You can swear when you drop heavy objects on your toes. That’s gotta be satisfying at least sometimes, right?
  27. You can get that second piercing/tattoo/nipple ring you always secretly wanted.
  28. Your mind is free to make decisions and form opinions without being confined to a false and limiting box.
  29. You can have sex with your spouse without thinking that God/angels/Satan’s minions are watching. (Mormons often have issues with sex. Even if they have it, their sexuality is limited, which can cause problems.) You can even experiment with things you never dared try before!
  30. Many people find that their pornography use actually goes down after leaving the church. The whole “don’t picture a pink elephant” concept is something the church apparently hasn’t figured out yet.
  31. You can create a life you want to live, and find the happiness you hoped would come in the next life NOW. This has been one of the coolest things for me. Why live your life trying to one day obtain blessings (promised by a con-man) when you can create heaven NOW?!
  32. You can watch this hilarious video of Bo Burnham without feeling guilty for laughing.
  33. You can drink alcohol on all-inclusive vacations that charge you the same amount whether you do or don’t.
  34. You don’t have to make Relief Society small talk anymore. (I’m guessing you know what I mean.)
  35. There’s less pressure to get a boob job. Lolz.
  36. You don’t have to wear another piece of DownEast clothing ever again!
  37. You don’t have to tell an old man about your masturbation habits.
  38. … or any of your sexual/life habits.
  39. You can love and appreciate science more.
  40. You can finally make all those temple jokes you’ve been holding in for years.
  41. You don’t have to force yourself to be friends with people you don’t have a lot in common with just because they’re in your ward.
  42. You can make new, close friends anywhere, regardless of their beliefs. Many Mormons can do this, but there’s definitely something tribal in Mormonism that makes it happen less often.
  43. You’ll probably judge other people a lot less. (You don’t have to worry about where the “righteous judgement” vs “judgment” line is, yay!)
  44. You can complain sometimes without feeling guilty.
  45. You can replace daily scripture study with meditation and feel amazing.
  46. You can read WAY more inspirational and uplifting books than the scriptures. Here are some of our recommendations!
  47. You can watch and love Ellen AND approve of her lifestyle!
  48. You might care about animals a lot more. (I did.)
  49. You can go artwork shopping for cooler artwork to replace your temple/Joseph Smith/prophet pictures. THIS WILL REALLY IMPROVE YOUR HOME’S AESTHETIC, GUYS.
  50. You can become rich by selling your signs and your tokens.
  51. You can finally stop veiling your wife’s face during family prayer.
  52. You can laugh at the two comments above.
  53. You can wear tight shirts without worrying that the birds on your nipples will show through.
  54. You can stop outsourcing your charity to God, and be more motivated to help people.
  55. You might want to stop filling your body with crap like cookies and Kool-aid and focus on eating a healthy diet that’ll help you to live a longer, happier life. (Because you’re not itching to die and get to the celestial kingdom anymore, you feel me?)
  56. You don’t have to have more kids because you feel obliged to!
  57. You can start having kids whenever you damn well feel like it, and not a year after your wedding once the religious guilt that you interpret as revelation starts creeping in. (I’m really happy about this one.)
  58. You can invite whoever you want to your wedding without them needing a special ticket to get in!
  59. You can decide for yourself what your priorities are, and follow your own moral compass, not the moral compass of out-of-touch old men.


Anything to add? Let us know in the comments and we’ll include it in our list!

Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young would have been a millennial blogger, but she died in 1901. The wife of Brigham Young, and prior to that Joseph Smith, and prior to that Henry Jacobs, who was sent on a mission by Brigham before he married her, Zina loves writing, long walks on the beach, and playing the field.
  • RuhRoh!

    Great list! So true!

  • Justin

    Damnit! You made me picture a pink elephant!

    BTW, if you want a source on the science behind the porn thing (#29 in the list), have a look here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/women-who-stray/201509/your-belief-in-porn-addiction-makes-things-worse

  • Nancy

    Tea is more civilized, my proof is that the English and Chinese prefer it. Plus I personally prefer it. It’s sad to think I may have died without getting to appreciate it.

    • CheshireGrin

      What should define a drink as civilized vs not civilized is how an individual person behaves whilst drinking it, rather than “it comes from this country instead of this one”. If someone is poised, polite, graceful, kind, open minded, and respectful, I don’t care what they’re drinking, THEY make it civilized. I think it’s more of an individual thing rather than generalizing it by country. Though I do 1000000% agree that tea is freakin’ AMAZING. ( I admit that I also sometimes enjoy coffee, albeit my mother being a rather radical Mormon. ) My favorite is vanilla chai with a spoonful of honey actually, what’s yours? 🙂

  • Swagavad Gita

    I love tea. It’s a good way to bond with someone.

  • Cache Kid

    I agree with every item on that list except for #16. Why would you want to trade one oppressive mind controlling regime for another?

    • Jeremy Nicoll

      Hear, hear!

    • Sam_Millipede

      Wow! You have issues, don’t you? In what world is the Democratic Party oppressive or mind-controlling? Your mind has to be thoroughly delusional to think that.

      And no, I don’t think the Republican Party is oppressive or mind-controlling either. Of course, I see its policies as varying between idiotic and insane with a hefty dose of racism thrown in, and I can’t understand why anybody in the lower income brackets would vote for a party which would hit on them, but the party itself isn’t oppressive or mind-controlling.

      • Jonny D. Rupe

        I don’t like either party, also.

    • Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young

      The voting democrat one? Just a little joke. 😉

  • Shem

    #58 – You can invite anyone you want to your wedding and know they don’t need to be a member with a recommend to attend.

    • Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young

      Great one! We’ll add that. 🙂

  • Anon

    This was clearly written by someone who doesn’t know much about what actually goes on in the LDS church. I mean even if you were a member at one point, I only got through the first 15 points and this article is a mess.

    • Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young

      Haha. If only you knew.
      Here’s an interview with us you can listen to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fn5Hcs1PunE
      I think you’ll find we’re more knowledgable about the LDS church than almost all of its members.

    • Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young

      But please, feel free to point out any errors we’ve made. We’re always open to correction!

    • Austin Larsen

      How is #9 a mess? Being able to fall in love with who you want to is HUGE.

    • CheshireGrin

      This was written by someone who USED to be in the LDS church. While yes it does look like a few are a bit off kilter, presumably from ilk personal experiences with other members, this article has a lot of good points as well.

      The point of the matter being: Regardless of if you choose to be religious, or you choose to be religion-free, respect others. Respect is everything in life. Don’t judge others, you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes, you haven’t lived even a single year of their life, you don’t know what personal battles they are fighting, so always speak with kindess.

      I understand that you are taking offense to this article, as a member of the LDS church and all, but instead of taking this article as a personal attack ( your name wasn’t mentioned anywhere btw ) might you instead perhaps take it with a grain of salt, shrug it off, and think “Hmn, well, to each their own. I don’t agree with anything on this list, but I know very well enough that we don’t have to agree on ANYTHING to be kind to one another.”

      I will be the first to advocate that there are a LOT of good members in the LDS church, I used to be in it as well, my mother is still in it, my neighbors are in it, whom are some of the sweetest souls I have ever met.

      I also however know that there’s no such thing as 100% black or 100% white in regards to how the world works. There are many colors of gray out there. I’ve met mormon members who used to work in the temples whom are the most repulsive beings I’ve ever met, but I’ve ALSO met people whom have no religion whom are frankly, total assholes. ( Pardon my languages I know mormons don’t like to swear and I don’t mean to offend you. )

      There are good people both in and out. Instead of coloring either party as “all good” or “all bad” via black and white thinking, we should seek out the good in both, avoid the bad in both. And always, always keep an open mind, instead of being critical, we should seek to be understanding, kind, and compassionate. The world needs more of that good stuff. 🙂

    • Jaasiel Rodriguez

      What? Anon, is this like, a poe?

  • Loren Evans

    #59 You will discover true friendships, not just Sunday or calling acquaintances.
    #60 The joy of true service instead of mandated duty will be discovered.
    #61 Sex becomes a joy, and experimentation becomes exciting, no longer having to be limited to mandated positions.
    #62 Sundays become a real pleasure of joyful activities instead of required listening to dull, poorly prepared talks.
    #63 No more twice a year loss of weekends listening to the general conference drones.
    To mention a few more…

  • dadsprimalscream

    #6 it’s actually an 11% raise when You stop paying tithing

    • Jaasiel Rodriguez

      Oh! Good! I did the calculation and worried perhaps I was doing it wrong :P.

  • Daniel Zundel

    Though anti-Mormon articles like this are common, this one caught my attention due to the long-time friend who posted it. I have watched her gradually leave the church over time. Not only did she rebel against the church, but against any kind of structure or rules set up by others. This seems to be the type of person with whom this article would connect. Someone who’s first instinct would be to defy the rules instead of looking for the reason they are there. A majority number of the points mentioned in this article show this mentality. For example, in point number 25 the writer says, “You can drink alcohol,” but fails to acknowledge the addictions and costs associated with drinking.

    Contrary to the opinions expressed in this article, living the church’s standards has given me a greater ability to make my own decisions. Though I choose not to, I have the ability to drink, smoke, have premarital sex or do any other of the things listed in this article. By not doing them, I keep body and mind free of the addictions and negative consequences these actions cause. I stay free from impulses or desires that can potentially take away my freedom.

    Before we reject the church’s standards, labeling them as restrictive and bigoted, let’s take the time to really understand the purpose behind them. I think we’ll find more wisdom and foresight then restriction and judgement.

    • Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young

      Hi, Daniel, thanks for commenting! I will first point out an assumption you made, which is that people who this article would resonate with don’t like rules or structure. All three of us were temple-attending RMs (minus me — I’m female and didn’t serve a mission) who had no problems following the “rules”. We lived the gospel as zealously as anyone, and were looked up to by our peers for doing so. Mormons seem to have a false idea that alcohol = addictions and bad stuff. None of us are drinkers ourselves, but we acknowledge that having a glass of wine with dinner is a perfectly reasonable and enjoyable thing for a person to do. (Red wine is also known to lower your risk of certain cancers because of its antioxidant levels, so there’s that!)
      There’s nothing wrong with choosing not to drink or have premarital sex. We have no problem with people having standards in those areas, in fact we encourage people to set limits that help them live a productive and happy life. But that doesn’t mean everyone who does those things is addicted or a bad person. I myself have no LDS family members, and I grew up around many healthy, normal adults! If you feel that you woudln’t be able to control yourself with certain things, then that is for you to consider, and that’s totally fine. But others don’t have those same problems.
      You should also realize that this article is about so much more than “breaking rules”. It’s funny that you pointed out the alcohol – and I knew that Mormons would, because it’s been so demonized – but do not seem to recognize the value of being intellectually honest/humble, and being able to accept information as it comes, and not force it into an already false belief system or reject it completely because it won’t fit.

    • Michael Anderson

      Like getting married?

    • Steve Gone

      How about some total BS church teachings like black skin curse,written in BOM or God in flesh on planet Kolob .Check it out the church even taught once,that Adam was god.Are you still sure that Polygamous Joe never used mind altering drugs ?

    • numbersnumbers

      Glad you have the church as a crutch so you can control the impulses that would inevitably drive you into a world of compulsion, addiction, and negative consequences. I mean, can you imagine if you had premarital sex?! The horror! A drink of alcohol? *faints*

      Seriously, nobody gives a crap if you don’t want to have a drink or have premarital sex. But your feigned sense of moral superiority, combined with your apparent complete naivety about the real world outside your bubble, is not compelling.

    • CMBear

      Wisdom and foresight? Put down the crack pipe (that means whatever has deluded you, dear; it’s not a literal saying)!

      JS was a confessed and convicted conman. He repackaged his lies and resold them under a new title. You bought in. That isn’t wisdom, it’s called being GULLIBLE. Foresight? Joe didn’t care about future generations, he cared about power, and shagging. Period.

    • Dzarren

      You’re writing this from a place where ALL of us ex-mormons once were. I can see the desperation of trying to believe oozing out of your writing.

      Give it time man, it gets better after a few years. Read the CES letter, experiment with something/anything you’re not supposed to and see for yourself what negative consequences come your way. Have you ever stopped paying tithing? Then how could you possibly tell if god is blessing you because you are?

      And you may say you’re free to make all those choices but clearly your held back by spiritual guilt/expectations.

      The most homophobic people eventually come out, I think it’s true for ex-mo’s. If you really believe in the church you wouldn’t give a shit about a post like this.

      • Phil Henderson

        Really? The CES letter? THAT’S your argument?

        • Dzarren

          I’m pretty sure there’s a couple more paragraphs than just the CES letter… lol. And yes, I think it’s an outstanding argument and has been instrumental in many people leaving the church.

    • J.C. Archer

      Here’s the thing: You can have an understanding of these same things without having to believe in a version of a sky-daddy made up by a well-documented conman. I have one drink once or twice a year, because drinking really isn’t my thing. Having a delicious strawberry mojito did NOT turn me into an alcoholic. I’ve still never tried illegal drugs because that’s just not something that appeals to me, although I do have health conditions that could benefit from medical cannabis use. Yes, I have coffee once in a while. Yes, I have decided that I LOVE tea… which is a MUCH healthier way to consume caffeine than the sugar-loaded Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew or empty-of-ALL-nutritional-value Diet Coke that most people still in the church choose. I look at porn about as often as I drink because it’s not my thing… but looking at it once in a while doesn’t make me a sex-obsessed fiend who can’t connect with people. But the best part of it all? It’s really nice to be able to make all of these decisions for myself without feeling guilty about it because I’m an adult and not a child in an adult body who needs to be told what to do or I’ll turn into some sort of wild animal with no self-control.

      I’m curious, since this was originally posted three years ago and seeing a resurgence now because of where it was posted on facebook… Has your understanding of the true agency of adults changed since then or can you still not trust yourself to be decent without the Church holding your hand and telling you what to do?

    • VFanRJ

      What you are witnessing is your friend’s restructuring her values, an exercise usually done during adolescent years, but since Mormon dogma bypassed that phase it’s happening now. Your friend will settle down and in the end has a more thoughtful perspective than most dogma sheep.

  • Thomas

    can someone explain #51? the veiling of your wifes face during family prayer….?? thats probally some stuff people made up in utah because i never heard of it

  • Steve Gone

    Awesome points, I really wonder how and why people, who dare to learn the history of the Church , biography of Joe and some creepy to say the least techings still decide to keep their membership.

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  • Jami Good


  • John Anderson

    Ever wonder what it’s like to party in the Great and Spacious Building? This dialogue. This vibe. Some truly funny things here, some honest poke-fun-at-Mormon stuff. But it also reeks of defiance and irreverence towards sacred things. Clearly missed the entire point of the Church, interpreting her view of the Gospel through foggy lenses. The ‘obligations’ mentioned here are self-imposed, and the perspectives of sex are just plain funny. Somebody was doing it wrong.

  • Justin

    I am not a Mormon, though after reading as much anti-Mormon writings as I can, I realize that there is a destructive element in the real purpose of the rejection the church. Mormon church wants people to obey God and be sexually pure. Notice how articles like this one always focus on sexual perversions, which they call liberty.

  • reddragon8

    Great blog! Leave the church asap. Too much brain-washing in that cult!

  • Kelp

    Living in a community overrun with Mormon’s, or like they now insist upon being called,”Latter Day Saints,” HA! HA! is disgusting. For all who think these people are normal, they definitely AREN”T. Even though they are just a small percentage of the world population, their disgusting cult influence on heavily Mormon communities is cult driven. If you can discourage them from taking over your community do it because no matter how good of a person you might be, you are on your way to hell unless you become one of them. Not kidding.

  • Brinley

    I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (not Mormon, or Mormonism, or even LDS.) And I am so grateful that I am! I have read a few of your posts after discovering your channel on YouTube and just wanted to comment a couple thoughts. I think it is very disrespectful to post a lot of the things that you do. If you were to talk about Muslims or Catholics or any other religion this way, you would be under a lot of heat. Religion is something that is so personal and sacred. And honestly, it all comes down to belief. There is no concrete evidence that proves God exists 100%, without doubt. I have not seen Him and talked to Him face to face. Nor have you seen the creation of Earth and can prove that it was not God.

    But I do strongly believe that the church is true. I know that my life is so much happier because of the hope and comfort I have through living the gospel. I would never tell you that the way you are believing and living your life is wrong and harmful. I would never make jokes or irreverent comments about the things you hold dear. I just think it is sad that that decency is not returned. I am more than happy to talk with anyone about the things I believe. But I would not attack their beliefs to do so.

    Your experience with the church may have been harmful, but that does not mean that the church as a whole is wrong or harmful. We are all people. And people make mistakes. There are those that take the principles of the gospel to an extreme, which does make it harmful to those around them. That is the exception, rather than the rule. I have never felt hurt or restricted or judged in the church. We are all just trying to find how we, personally, can be happy and get through this life. I have been called to serve a mission and I could not be more excited to share the hope and joy that I have found through the gospel. In a respectful, loving way. I am more than willing to discuss any of my thoughts and beliefs with anyone who is curious or wants to hear about the church in a non-hateful way. 🙂

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