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  • Darrick Evenson

    D. Michael Quinn was excommunicated for not showing up to a Church Court, twice, after both times he said he’d show up. The Church Court had nothing to do with his research or his criticism of Church leaders, but mainly with rumors that he had a gay lover. Now, the fact is, the rumors were true. So, they scheduled a Church Court. He didn’t show up. They scheduled a second Church Court, he didn’t show up. I would NOT write this “if” there was any chance that this was a secret, or Quinn is a “closet” or the rumors were not true. Quinn is gay (or at least bi), he did have a gay lover during the time he worked at BYU and was married to an active Mormon woman, and he admits this now and it’s not a secret, so he is not any longer a “closet”. That is why Quinn was excommunicated. He always was “just inside” orthodoxy as a Mormon, at least publicly.

  • Body Swaper snatcher

    There’s nothing wrong with violence when it comes to..religion..Everything that matters is.. evolution..

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