We like to give credit where credit is due. Though the institutional church completely botched it this weekend, there were many individual members who stepped up to demonstrate that their personal faith is not based on spite and bigotry or policies and procedures, but on true love and compassion. I want to fulfill the wish of  Lon Young, author of the blog, Buddha in the Beehive, who wrote:

“I want the history books to include this detail: When this policy was leaked to the public, my Facebook feed was filled with good people, mostly Mormons, letting the gay community know their phones would be on all night, that they could call, could reach out, in case any of them were thinking of taking their own lives. I want the history books to show that the policies of our leaders did not reflect the highest values of the people they have been asked to lead. They issued policies and we posted suicide hotlines.”

Here are some Mormons who got it right:

The neighbor who sent flowers

Those who posted supportive Facebook statuses


The ones who sent friendly texts




The saints who delivered cookies, cookies, and more cookies




The Bishop who sent this message


And This Courageous Musician

Before performing a special musical number this Sunday, he read this to the congregation:

“I would like to dedicate my portion of this song to all my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters who are struggling in the wake of the church’s new policies. I want to bear my testimony that God loves you for who you are and how he created you and me. Gays, lesbians, those who are bisexual, transgender, or questioning are far too likely to struggle with depression, anxiety, loneliness, bullying, and substance use. They are also at high risk to end their own lives by suicide. They also experience high rates of family rejection and are even kicked out of their homes. This is spiritual abuse and has to end. But change doesn’t happen unless good people stand up for what is right, even if it’s uncomfortable. The first line of the song we are about to perform says ‘take my life and let it be, consecrated lord to thee.’ I hope as a body of Christ we can dedicate our lives to reaching out, serving, welcoming, and providing resources for all people, especially those that are the most vulnerable among us. This is the hallmark of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Tanner Gilliland is a writer, artist, and jazz hands enthusiast based in Salt Lake City, UT. Check out his art on Instagram: @tanner_gilliland, his jokes on Twitter: @tgilliland789, and his poverty on Venmo: Tanner-Gilliland
  • Arwen Undomiel

    There are really good people in the LDS church, and also jerks, but hopefully mostly good people. Anyway, it doesn’t make sense that the members are better people and that they are more spiritual that their leaders. When that happens, it’s time for the all the leadership to be released and for the church to be reorganized from top to buttom.

    LDS leadership should be ashamed to see their followers do what they are failing to do. And without any help from any revelation or vision or any calling from God. But even then, these people were truly inspired in the way their leaders were not.

  • Pynk Willow

    This made me cry. These people make me proud to be LDS, straight, mother of gay man and hopeful for acceptance and changes in the hearts of family and friends

    • alpinecoach

      Pull your head out. Acceptance will never happen at LD$ inc.
      Stand up and get away from these monsters if you really love your child.

      • hurdygurdy

        Don’t tell a mother what to do with her son, certainly not if her son is a gay MAN and can speak for himself. Also, she didn’t say she hoped for change in the church. She said in the hearts of friends and family.

        • alpinecoach

          Mom, with all do respect- this “church” believes your son is less than human. They do not respect or act with any kind of love toward him and anyone like him.
          If you want to associate with these people- its your choice.

          …cookies…. all it takes is cookies?
          get it together woman- maybe ask yourself what your priorities are?

          If the “one true church” outweighs you love of your own family then thats your choice.

          • Can we maybe not attack our allies?!

          • alpinecoach

            Are they an ally if they embrace hate?
            Are they an ally if they believe you are an apostate and disavow your loving relationships?

            With allies like that, who needs enemies?

      • fides quaerens intellectum

        *slow clap engaged for rudeness*

        After all, rudeness is the key to both kindness and persuasion!

        • alpinecoach

          I don’t believe its possible to persuade a person under the control of a cult…
          If they can’t see the obvious damage they are doing, it is going to take more than an online discussion to get them to change their ways.
          Maybe they need to hear it put bluntly- using the language that makes them uncomfortable instead of enabling these feeble minded beliefs… or not… either way I refuse to let these people continue to divide and destroy our community.

  • alpinecoach

    The church has spoken. Baking all the cookies in the world won’t help if you choose to side with bigotry.

    • hurdygurdy

      Soooo you only care about people because of what they believe? You only care about them if they agree with you?

      Hmm, what kind of bigotry does THAT sound like . . .

      • alpinecoach

        Actions speak louder than words.
        These primitive beliefs hurt people.
        The actions of this “church” are un-American and disrespectful to human life.

        …I’ll take a cookie though.

        • hurdygurdy

          And? Exactly how is your perspective or negativity changing or helping anything?

          Okay, seriously, this is kinda silly, but you should watch Bridge of Spies. It basically shows how it IS possible for people on opposing sides OF A WAR can still respect each other and even become friends. WITHOUT being negative with one another.

          • alpinecoach

            I will check out Bridge of spies….

            I see your premise here and I don necessarily disagree with that idea. The LD$ have a long an consistent history of dubious behaviour. This is just another glaring example of the way they do things. If you want to be a part of this group at the expense of loved ones- that is your choice.

            I, personally, find them weak and reprehensible.

          • hurdygurdy

            Guh, sorry, for whatever reason it keeps making me click the “vote up” or “vote down” button instead of the reply button, so if there’s any down votes from me . . . they aren’t meant xD Thanks for sharing your opinion, I do respect you and I like that you are standing up for things that you care about.

          • fides quaerens intellectum

            Fascinating. See, I would never call my anti-mormon friends “weak and reprehensible” any more than I would throw those words at a Jew or a Muslim or any denomination of Christian.

            And yet, you think it is perfectly socially acceptable to toss those words at me, and have the thought that you are standing up for goodness.

            Fascinating. And entertaining, to be sure.

          • alpinecoach

            These people that continue on with the mormon myth are weak and reprehensible.

        • hurdygurdy

          It also shows how people with your perspective did more harm than good.

          • alpinecoach


          • hurdygurdy

            Well, the movie is about a US lawyer who is asked to represent a soviet spy during the Cold War who has been captured by the US. The lawyer wants to show the soviets that the US WILL follow its own laws and respect the citizens of other countries, whereas the judge, jury, and US public don’t care if laws get broken as long as the alleged spy gets executed. Their attitude just reminded me of yours, “If you care about the US, you will not associate with or help this spy at all!” Later, though, everyone ends up happy they didn’t kill the spy because it turns out that an American spy was captured in Russia, and so the lawyer is hired to negotiate an exchange. SPOILER but it is an important part: At the end when the exchange happens, both spies get to go home . . . but they are both hated by their own countries for “failing” their respective missions and getting caught. It just shows that caring more about ideology than about humanity tends to create unnecessary, uncomfortable situations . . . that’s how I saw it anyway. You might see it completely differently, and even so, it’s a GREAT movie and you should go see it! 😀

          • alpinecoach

            Being a homosexual is not an ideology though…

            Having a doctrine that requires you to disavow your family in order to attain access to heaven and you own planet is spiritual blackmail.

          • hurdygurdy

            Er, “ideology” maybe wasn’t the right word. I dunno. I just thought that if it’s possible for a soviet spy and a US lawyer to end up caring for each other, even though they disagree on fundamental matters, it MUST be possible for LGBT people and LDS people to care about each other and feel love from one another even though they greatly disagree on fundamental matters. I just hope that the fact we’re all human is more important than whether or not we think homosexuality is okay, or on the opposite end whether or not sexism is okay (I mean come on, old people aren’t perfect but I’m not gonna attack them for having outdated ways of life–some old people say weird things to me “because you’re a girl”) I’m just saying there IS a line . . . but there is also a line that means things have gone too far and it’s healthier to cut someone out of your life for your own health and safety. I don’t wanna negate that, either.

          • hurdygurdy

            I guess I should mention. I can’t go to an LDS church without getting anxiety, so I definitely understand that there is damage being done. However, I also get along with my LDS family members and I cherish those relationships. I have also, on the other hand, had to stop having relations with some of my family who do not respect my way of life and my belief system :

          • Glen Danielsen

            My dear friend, being that you are an ex-Mormon, why do you make it a point to troll LDS sites like LDSLiving? Why not take your vinegar and spray it on ex-Mormon sites? You left the Church, now leave it alone, and go be with your own. For what it’s worth.

          • hurdygurdy

            . . . do you always stalk people on the internet? If this ten-month-old conversation is vinegar to you, then you need counseling as there is nothing anti-mormon about my comments here or on the other conversation. Go back to your extremist baptist church where you can’t ask questions or raise concerns without being called a heathen, because you are NO mormon. Stop calling me friend, and quit talking to me.

          • Laura Carroll

            i somehow cannot locate what movie you are referring to…

          • hurdygurdy

            It’s called Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks, it just came out in theaters recently. It also has Alan Alda in it and some other cool people 😀

  • AuntHo

    I really needed this. Thank you (and those featured) for such wonderful examples of true Christlike love.

  • I’m so glad to see people who think for themselves who are willing to reach out to those who are directly affected by this. It’s good to know there exists good people who don’t have to reach out but who do.

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