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The CES Letter is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to the LDS church, and they don’t even realize it. If Mormonism is “all truth”, then the brethren should be rushing to switch all quads out for copies of the CES Letter any day now.

Jeremy Runnells is probably a heck of a lot smarter than most humans. As a result, the CES Letter is thorough, well-sourced, and 84 pages long. I know, right? What a slog. Who wants to read 84 pages only to realize that their entire life has been based on a lie? Sorry, kids. But it’s really pretty short when you compare it to the years and years of church teachings you’ve probably received.

In the spirit of making everything bite-sized, millennial-friendly, and readable-on-your-phone-at-work, here’s my little outline of the issues raised by the CES Letter. It is by NO means a thorough look (like seriously. Not at all), so if you’re interested in any one of these intensely-summarized points, GO READ THE REAL THING, YOU LAZY FREAKS.

1. There are errors in the Book of Mormon that are also contained in the 1769 (circa Joseph’s family) edition of the Bible.

2. DNA analysis has concluded that Native American Indians do not originate from the Middle East or from Israelites but from Asia. 

3. There are things in the Book of Mormon that didn’t exist during Book of Mormon times in that area. E.G. Horses, chariots, goats, elephants, wheat, and steel. 

4. There is absolutely no archeological evidence for the millions of Nephites and Lamanites/their steel swords etc, even though we have archeological evidence from smaller groups of people who existed thousands of years before. 

5. Book of Mormon names and places are strikingly similar (or identical) to many local names and places of the region Joseph Smith lived in. 

6. The Book of Mormon is suspiciously similar to View of the Hebrews, a book published in Joseph Smith’s area in his time. It is also very similar to The First Book of Napoleon (published 1809), and The Late War, a textbook written in King James style language for New York State School children in Joseph’s time. 

7. The original 1830 text of The Book of Mormon had a trinitarian view of the Godhead, and was changed over time as Joseph’s ideas about the Godhead evolved. (Over 100,000 changes have been made to the book.)

8. There were over 4 different First Vision accounts given by Joseph at different times, at least one of which didn’t even include God or Christ. 

9. Scholars have translated the papyri Joseph claimed the Book of Abraham was translated from and found that they have nothing to do with Abraham or anything contained in the book. The church now tries to claim that “translate” meant “get inspiration from”. 

10. Joseph penciled in some parts of the papyri.

11. Joseph married 34+ women, many without Emma’s consent (as forbidden in D&C 132) and 11 who were already married (some without their husbands knowing). 

12. 10 of Joseph’s wives were teenagers, some as young as 14. This was shocking even by 19th century standards. 

13. President Hinckley publicly said polygamy isn’t doctrinal; numerous early church leaders, including Brigham Young, taught that it was essential for exaltation.

14. The only scriptural justification for polygamy is “to multiply and replenish the earth”. So either Joseph was sleeping with his 14-year-old wives, or he wasn’t adhering to scriptural laws. 

15. Joseph married Fanny Alger years before he had the sealing power.

16. Joseph married some of his foster daughters.

17. Brigham Young taught Adam-God theory, which is now disavowed by the church, at general conference and as part of the temple endowment ceremony. 

18. Brigham Young taught blood atonement, now also disavowed.

19. Black people weren’t allowed to hold the priesthood until the 70s. Joseph gave it to a few people, but from Brigham to Spencer they were deemed unworthy to hold it. Apparently God changed His mind. 

20. In the 1980s, the church paid around $900,000 to suppress bizarre and embarrassing church history documents. These documents were later proven to be fake. Mark Hofman, the conman, turned out to be a murderer. Before the documents were known to be forgeries, church leaders gave talks offering explanations for them.

21. Joseph Smith began translating fake plates called the Kinderhook Plates. He claimed they were historical.

22. Every spin-off of the LDS church also has members say that they “know” their church is the true church. Other religions, such as Islam, say they “know through the power of God”, including the Heaven’s Gate cult. 

23. Joseph sent Oliver and Hyrum to sell the copyright to the Book of Mormon in Canada, saying he received a revelation to do it. They failed.

24. The church teaches that you should bear your testimony in order to gain one. This is a classic psychological tactic. 

25. You can feel the spirit doing a multitude of things that have nothing to do with the gospel, like watching Saving Private Ryan.

26. Joseph and Oliver receiving “the priesthood” is very suspicious, as they didn’t tell people until years later and changed earlier revelations to match their new accounts.

27. Joseph used the seer stone to find people “buried treasure”, for which he was taken to court on charges of fraud. 

28. People at Joseph’s time had a “magical worldview”, which included seeing things “with spiritual eyes” (like the gold plates). 

29. Martin Harris was known as a gullible man. He was deeply financially invested in the Book of Mormon as he mortgaged his farm to finance it. Even after becoming Mormon, he was a witness to self-proclaimed prophet, James Strang, for whom he went on a mission. Strang also said he had brass plates and used a Urim and Thummin to translate them. His witnesses also never denied that Strang’s scripture was true.

Martin Harris testified and witnessed for several other religions, and also said that he had as much evidence for a Shaker book as he had The Book of Mormon. (He also said he saw Christ in the form of a deer and talked with him…so there’s that. )

30. David Whitmer said he saw an angel with his spiritual eyes, and said his impressions were just like those of a Methodist having happy feelings.

31.  People in Joseph’s time believed in “second sight” (imagination) and that it was no different to seeing something with your physical eyes.

32. The witnesses did not sign their own signatures or write their own accounts (except Oliver, who was the scribe). 

33. All of the Book of Mormon witnesses, except for Martin Harris, were related by blood or marriage to the Smiths or the Whitmers. 

34. Joseph had many people sign an affidavit saying he wasn’t practicing polygamy when he was. Some of those who signed it were also practicing polygamy. 

35. Joseph didn’t even use the would-have-weighed-around-200 pounds plates to translate the Book of Mormon. He also couldn’t retranslate the missing 116 pages, “lost” by Martin Harris’ wife to test Joseph’s validity as a translator. 

36. Joseph started the LDS temple endowment just 7 weeks after his Masonic initiation. Coincidentally, the endowment ceremony is nearly identical to the Masonic ceremony in numerous ways. 

37. It is a myth that the Mason temple ceremony has roots going back to the temple of Solomon.

38. The temple ceremony was supposed to be eternal, yet blood oaths and other disturbing elements were removed after a survey in the 80s revealed that church members were uncomfortable with them. 

39. If Adam and Eve are the first humans, how do we explain the 14 other Hominin species who lived and died 35,000 – 250,000 years before Adam? 

40. Science has proven that there was no worldwide flood 4,500 years ago. 

41. Simple mathematics and logic of animal food consumption show that there was insufficient room on the ark to house all the animal species found on the planet, let alone the food required to feed all of them.

42. Science also discredits the idea of the Tower of Babel, 600-year-old humans, Jonah and the Whale, people turning into salt, and carrying honey bees across the ocean. 

43. God seems really mean and radically different in the Old Testament.

44. The church has whitewashed its history and been dishonest on numerous occasions.

45. Zina Diantha Huntington Young, who became the General Relief Society President, was already married and 6 months pregnant when Joseph married her because his life was allegedly in danger from the angel with a flaming sword. After Joseph died, she married Brigham. Her biographical page on does not state that she was married to Joseph, though it shows up on

46. The church is not transparent about its finances anymore.

47. The church spent 1.5 billion dollars on City Creek Mall, more than it spent on humanitarian aid in almost 20 years. As the ribbon was cut at the opening ceremony, Thomas S. Monson said “Let’s go shopping!”. 

48. The earlier church taught that tithing was 10% of your surplus; the church now teaches that it is 10% of your income, even if you can’t afford to pay your bills because of it. 

49. The church’s name has changed a few times.

50. Church leaders such as Boyd K. Packer have warned historians about not telling too much of the truth if it isn’t faith-promoting.

51. The church teaches that the prophet can’t lead you astray, though this is a.) pretty obviously not true, and b.) not in line with things Joseph and others said.

52. Dallin H. Oaks said you shouldn’t criticize church leaders, even if the criticism is true.

53. In 1993, 6 scholars were excommunicated/disfellowshipped for publishing their scholarly research on Mormonism and its leaders. 

As I said, this is a SUPER brief outline of the CES Letter. I now recommend you go and read the full document, because it has sources and images and a significantly better explanations for things skimmed over in this post and more.

Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young would have been a millennial blogger, but she died in 1901. The wife of Brigham Young, and prior to that Joseph Smith, and prior to that Henry Jacobs, who was sent on a mission by Brigham before he married her, Zina loves writing, long walks on the beach, and playing the field.
  • csteve

    you left out “Dr” John C. Bennett and his capabilities in performing abortions…

  • RC

    I would suggest removing the statement that Mark Hoffman was a serial killer. He was not. He does not fit the definition.

    Other than that….good job

    • Zelph on the Shelf

      Thanks for the comment! Will look into removing that. 🙂

    • bob

      well he did kill two people with bombs, and nearly himself.

      • RC

        Look up the different definitions of killers

      • Fabius

        Hoffman murdered people to cover up his forgeries. Serial killers kill to kill.

  • CosmicCowboy

    He needs to put references for people to look up original sources that support this. It would help a lot for people to learn from primary source documents and see for themselves.

    • Zelph on the Shelf

      This is just a summary of the CES letter, which is linked several times. I put a note about sources at the start and end, so hopefully people will go read the CES Letter which is very well sourced. 🙂

    • Sam Huff

      The document has links.

  • Steve Lowther

    It is a good article, but there are some problems with it. For example, James Strang didn’t claim to have “gold” plates. They were brass and he used to carry them around and showed them to people. They disappeared sometime around 1900, long after his murder.

    And it is not accurate to say the temple endowment ceremony is “nearly identical to the Masonic ceremony in numerous ways.” The Masonic ceremony is a tale of the murder of Hiram Abiff. They do have a large number of similarities that they use the compass and square and (different) secret handshakes, but “nearly identical” is quite a stretch.

    Joseph Smith’s brother was “Hyrum” Smith, not Hiram.

    It is a useful summary, but it needs some work.

    • Zelph on the Shelf


    • Seth L.

      The Temple ceremony isn’t identical but the mechanisms for both were very similar. Most people I have hard explain it sepearate the message from the delivery mechanisms. The delivery mechanism of the message is very similar and it is suggested that as a Mason Joseph Smith saw the potential for the Masonic Ceremony to be used to teach his new message.

    • Metallicwyrm W.

      “nearly identical” is correct. Imagine the response one would get from reading the masonic ritual over the pulpit in sacrament. A good portion of the two ceremonies are word for word. The members probably wouldn’t even know that you were reading the masonic ritual rather than the endowment.

    • Kamis Dewey

      Also, many parts of the endowment ceremony have changed over time. So of course it’s going to be very different now, but the parts that remain the same are indeed Masonic.

  • tmac525

    Here’s a video that was inspired by this article:

  • George D. Watt

    The CES letter should become on of the “standard works” for former Mormons.

  • ExMormonByDefault

    I’m dying to know what CES means? It’s an acronym for what?

    • Fabius

      “Church Educational System.” Pretty much the LDS Institute for adults and the Seminary program for High Schoolers. In Utah you have Seminary buildings near high school campuses so that LDS kids can take a period to get indoctrinated by the church every day of school.

  • The CES Letter review you’ve been waiting for

  • jeanbodie

    15. Joseph ‘married’ Fanny Alger. There is no evidence of a marriage – the church merely ‘assumes’ a marriage due to the sexual nature of the ‘dirty nasty affair’ – that’s what Oliver Cowdery called it.
    Good job putting these points in one place and I hope that your readers Zelph, will actually go and read the Letter to the Church Education System director – the CES letter as it is known far and wide now.

  • Link007

    This is the biggest collection of nonsense I have ever read. Just saying.

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  • Ryan Graham

    You may want to recall that R Bushman is a believing Mormon. When someone knows the history literally better than anyone else alive, and is still a believer, that says a lot. CES letter is still garbage. And the second edition actually decreased in quality.

    • Sam Huff

      Garbage? I’ll tell you what’s garbage.

      Joseph Smith had over 30 wives, some as young as 14, others were already had husbands. The BOM was not translated from the plates but rather Joseph looking into his hat at a rock. The Book of Abraham is in no rational way related to the meaning of the papyri hieroglyphics. The BOM has word for word mistakes found in a 1769 KJV bible. Etc…And the real kicker, the church kept this information from its members and prospective converts. You will never hear a missionary tell a prospective member any of this…they don’t know it either and wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it anyway. That is total garbage. Thanks for you great work Jeremy!

      • Ryan Graham

        Hmmm, as a believing member I could give you backstory on all of those things, and my testimony is better than ever. So I don’t know if you need a hug or a tissue, in addition to needing a clue. But those salty, salty tears aren’t gonna bother me a bit. Good luck.

        • Sam Huff

          I was a member too. I could not maintain my dignity and intellectually honesty knowing what deception has been played by the church for nearly 200 years. Maybe you don’t take issue with Joseph Smith marrying other men’s wives, or 14 year olds, but that to me does no say “man of God”. He is not better than Warren Jeffs. I don’t need a tissue, but you could sure use a bullshit detector, and a sense of morality.

          • Ryan Graham

            Ahh, there’s nothing like the smell of raw exmo butthurt. Savory!

          • Sam Huff

            Ah, there’s nothing like a super gullible TBM to make me so thankful I left that fraudulent church behind. I don’t care that you are still a TBM, but maybe one day you will wake up. If not, the church needs people like you just to survive because so many are leaving now. I’m sure there were lots of people on the Titanic who didn’t realize their ship was sinking until it was too late. The only real growth the church has these days is in the third world countries were education is not what it should be. I’m happy for you. Stay and keep giving your time and money. It surely doesn’t hurt me.

          • Ryan Graham

            Yeah, that’s why you went nuts on every believing poster here. Because you’re not butthurt. Mmmhmmm

          • Sam Huff

            I left the church on my own volition. It didn’t pass the smell test. If you like it, then good for you, no skin off my nose. I’m sure you’re a very well meaning ignoramus. I just don’t have the patients anymore to continue dealing with a person who obviously has found no better use of his 3 or so pounds of grey matter than to keep his skull from collapsing. Peace and love to you…

          • Ryan Graham

            At least I’m an ignoramus who can spell patience, and didn’t fall for the CES Letter.


    • Sam Huff

      The fact that R Bushman is a believing Mormon knowing church history doesn’t speak very well of the man. I thought it was the one “True” church on the Earth. All I see is a web of deception, low morals from the beginning. It’s like an incredibly long con game that just keeps going, taking advantage of the next generation. By the way, what is actually wrong in the CES Letter?

  • WoBuYaoTweet

    “it is filled with fallacies and logical mis-steps; its provenance is more than questionable … Half a brain and a bit of logic lead you away from it pretty quickly.”

    Did you really write that *in defense of* a clearly fake religious text, peddled by a known con artist? Try reading your own criticism back to yourself out loud.

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  • Sam Huff

    Paul Gregersen (”Book of Abraham Debunks anti-LDS Lies”) is a nut job….into all sorts of weird numerology to salvage the Book of Abraham.

    • Richard Holmes

      To salvage the Book of Abraham? Show a little bit of respect for what others believe, got it nuisance? Nothing was ever mistranslated. There is no need to salvage the Book of Abraham due to the fact that nothing was ever mistranslated. Only the IDIOTS say that it was.

      • Sam Huff

        Not sure what you mean, but I don’t respect other’s beliefs when they are bats#it crazy. Gregersen’s videos are painful to watch. His techniques are tedious and tiresome. His content devoid of logic and reason. I know I should be used to it by now, but he is to me the Mormon equivalent of Ken Ham and his ilk.

        • Richard Holmes

          Paul Gregersen has more than the one video.

          • Sam Huff

            Yes, I know. They are all torture to the mind.

          • Richard Holmes

            His first 3 videos are possibly low budget. He states in his first video that he doesn’t think that he needs a professional production. His first video (Book of Abraham debunks anti-LDS lies) does cover a good basic 101, if you will, on the right way to interpret. His video ”Book of Abraham pt 1 (why Egyptologists are wrong)”, a newer video, is a bit more professionally done.

  • Sam Huff

    I think the CES letter ( is all the proof any thinking person would require to judge LDS church to be a fraud. The arguments made by the apologists are weak to say the least. I wish this info had been readily available 40 years ago before I got duped by some well meaning missionaries.

  • Sam Huff

    Funny thing here…the information that is so damming came from official LDS documents. You are saying the church is the source of anti-Mormon text, and you don’t eve know it. I personally think it is the absolute best source of anti-Mormon information because they have the documents and have had to quietly make the accessible because of legal actions threatened against them. I’m sure the statute of limitations has run out, but I’d love to sue them in court for the fraud they used to get me to join.

  • Sam Huff

    So you are a member of the “true” church, restored by Joseph Smith (who “translated” the BOM by looking at a rock in his hat,…gold plates weren’t used) led by prophets who talk to God. Do you really believe that now? Look at how God punished Moses for striking a rock, but he let’s Joseph Smith Jr, Et. Al go unpunished for their shenanigans? You are just what the church requires in members. That is why it will probably continue to exist.

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