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  • Col. Shitzengiggles

    Samanfa, I take great offence at your use of the F word!! In our household, the proper intonation, emphasis & delivery of Planet Erf’s various ways of proper F Bombery is of the utmost importance. I feel like I’ve been living & teaching heinous lies to my beloved. Where am I going astray?

    In my tutorials, I’ve always taught her that a proper Brit F bomb is “like your saying hook, but w a big ol greasy F instead of an H. “You foookin wankah, I’ll foookin brain yer arse w that vase(pronounced vaaaz) if you don’t pay me that 10 quid you owe me! I’m skint mate. Foookin pay up!”

    However, your pronunciation was straight yank F bomb. It’s like believing you know what colour the sky is, w maths, knowing 2+2 is 4, believing on the street you can fall to the floor, wait, hold up, alright I’m just randomly fitting anything Brit speak/spell to show I’m bilingual & speak a bit o Brit. Dude, have been wrong all this time? Awaiting further instruction….

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