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  • Col. Shitzengiggles

    Samanfa, I take great offence at your use of the F word!! In our household, the proper intonation, emphasis & delivery of Planet Erf’s various ways of proper F Bombery is of the utmost importance. I feel like I’ve been living & teaching heinous lies to my beloved. Where am I going astray?

    In my tutorials, I’ve always taught her that a proper Brit F bomb is “like your saying hook, but w a big ol greasy F instead of an H. “You foookin wankah, I’ll foookin brain yer arse w that vase(pronounced vaaaz) if you don’t pay me that 10 quid you owe me! I’m skint mate. Foookin pay up!”

    However, your pronunciation was straight yank F bomb. It’s like believing you know what colour the sky is, w maths, knowing 2+2 is 4, believing on the street you can fall to the floor, wait, hold up, alright I’m just randomly fitting anything Brit speak/spell to show I’m bilingual & speak a bit o Brit. Dude, have been wrong all this time? Awaiting further instruction….

  • Erin

    I love this so much! Super helpful. I think the advice works in every relationship, whether you’ve left the church or not, but I hadn’t recognized some of the weird thinking/programming I was going into dating with until you voiced how weird our expectations and timelines are. Dating outside the church was one of those terrifying things, (like how do you even do that when everyone isn’t a clone of each other??) but these are some great tips. Props for the reminder that dating is actually supposed to be enjoyable and unexpected, not just the brief interlude before a proposal.

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