When people ask me why I resigned from the LDS church, I tell them that I studied church history extensively and found that the church knowingly lies about what happened, and I don’t believe it’s a church that ever was, or ever will be led by God. (Among other things.) When faithful Mormons hear this, it usually prompts them to tell me that “God calls imperfect people, and leaders of the church make mistakes just like you and me.”

I take issue with such statements, because they show a fundamental lack of understanding concerning church history and why a person can no longer believe that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, et. al were inspired men of God. They also make a gross comparison between the mistakes they (and I) make, and the heinous actions of men like Joseph.

Let me be clear: I didn’t leave the church because I expected church leaders to be perfect and I found out that they weren’t. I also don’t consider marrying 14-year-olds and other men’s wives an “imperfection” (to name just one of many examples)—I consider it a gross sin reflective of the fraudulent origins of the church.

If I didn’t understand how little most members truly know about the actions of Joseph (and other prophets and apostles throughout history), I would be offended that they regularly compare the mistakes I make with theirs. I am imperfect, yes. But I have not committed adultery, plagiarized a book that I claimed to have translated by the power of God, or lied to a bunch of people who literally left their homes and sometimes died as a result. I have not conned people out of money, or put women through living hell, or taught men that it’s ok to take another man’s wife if you have more “keys” than he does.

Such “mistakes” are disgusting to me, and they do not align with my moral compass whatsoever. I cannot believe in a God who would support—even encourage—such awful things. Ironically, leaving the church is, to most Mormons, a sign of moral weakness. As far as Mormonism is concerned, the most important virtue one can have is the ability to continue believing in a religion created by a conman, regardless of the evidence, logic, and bad fruits that suggest just how false it is.

Someone on Reddit yesterday said, “I’d be embarrassed of my religion if its fruits included the acceptance of polygamy and polyandry.” That is exactly how I feel. It’s especially poignant given that polygamy is not considered a “mistake” by the church, it’s considered a doctrine. It was taught as essential to salvation. No apologies have been given for it, because it’s a Celestial law in Mormonism. So I’m not sure whether Mormons who tell me “leaders made mistakes” are referring to the teen brides and wife-snatching, but they’re really throwing their “second only to Jesus” prophet under the bus if so.

It’s easy to think that the church is full of only “good fruits” when you live in a middle-class bubble of white privilege and it’s all you’ve ever known, or maybe you saw a few Mexicans have their lives improved on your mission when the influence of an American church came in and told them they were Lamanites.

I see a different side of the story. I see depressed LGBT youth, and Prozac-dependant Utah Mormon housewives, and casual misogyny posing as doctrine, and the stolen lives of girls like Helen Marr Kimball, who were forced into polygamous marriages they didn’t want. I see the continued existence of the FLDS church—a church that exists because former LDS church leaders taught those very principles. I see the wasted potential of so many, and the pioneers who lost their lives unnecessarily, and the people who have tried to speak up about all of this injustice over the years but were silenced by a now multi-billion-dollar corporation that seems more interested in acquiring land and building malls than feeding the hungry and being like Jesus. I see Tom Phillips, receiving his second anointing in the temple only to discover that it was all nonsense and have his family disown him. I see my mother-in-law, heartbroken at what she believes is the loss of her son, and I see the severed family relationships that could have thrived were it not for the LDS church.

In 2016, church leaders get up in general conference and tell members to “give Joseph a break”.

Joseph is dead. Someday we all will be too. History will continue to be warped and denied by Mormons and Mormon leaders alike for as long as it is feasible to do so. Considerably more accurate history will continue to be available, and members of the LDS church will continue to decide whether or not they want to know about it. As for me, I’d rather die knowing that I didn’t ignore the adultery and dishonesty of a man who ruined lives in favor of a comforting lie that may appear to bless me personally but that continues to harm many, many others.



Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young
Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young would have been a millennial blogger, but she died in 1901. The wife of Brigham Young, and prior to that Joseph Smith, and prior to that Henry Jacobs, who was sent on a mission by Brigham before he married her, Zina loves writing, long walks on the beach, and playing the field.
  • Swagavad Gita

    My friend’s bishop in Davis County, UT has not read the essays. She just told me right now, “he said he had no idea about them.”

    Bishops should know this stuff, but they don’t. General members are not that much better, I feel.

    Mormonism leads people out of Mormonism. Not imperfection ultimately. When they learn the calibre of the men who founded the faith, they have legitimate reasons to doubt. i

    • Pink-lead

      So much for owning the history. This half-assed methodology is symptomatic of the disease. They can’t even say 14 years old. Mormonism could have a much bigger tent if they’d just drop the absurd, irrational, and abusive.

    • Darcey

      Since leaving the church, I feel I have a backstage pass to what really goes on – both the good and bad. My active husband knew nothing about the True Millennials talk given by Elder Nelson stating the “policy” to be a “revelation”. I knew about it immediately after it happened. He knew nothing about the gospel topics essays and neither did his parents, who are on a FT Senior couples mission. Of course they thought nothing of them or the information contained. After reading about the First Vision accounts, they only said that they’d be more concerned if the accounts were all exactly the same instead of contradictory. You can bury your head in the scriptures all you want but you won’t know what’s actually going on in the church until you look up.

      • screamyourheadoff

        So well said!!

  • Truth Realized

    Your comments are spot on, I have only recently left the church after coming to the same conclusions as you. I am not fine with associating myself with a religion founded by what I now see as an evil man.

    It’s funny I know a couple who left the church a few years ago stating that they believed Joseph to be an evil man, I somehow managed to discount their statement, but once the essays came out and I learned from a “reputable” source that he was guilty of everything i had heard of and more it was the beginning of the end for me. I am sure it was not what the church intended but thank goodness for the essays they set me free.

    • Goto

      Thank goodness for the essays, too, in my life!!! July 2, 2015 was my freedom date–I was in a bishopric when I found the essays–crushed my heart to know that the “Anti-Mormons” told me about Joe Smith and his inability to stay out of his female neighbors beds (while on my mission in Missouri in the early 80’s)–and then found out that the “Anti’s” were telling the truth all a long–via

      • Justin

        Same time as me 🙂 Even though my “faith crisis” started in February last year and I struggled trying to get my testimony back for months, it was July 1, 2015 that I knew for 100% certain that the church was bullshit and mentally left for good.

      • Truth Realized

        I doubt that was the effect the brethren were going after when they released the essays , unless it was so they could bring up a whole new generation that would be inoculated from day one. That is a truly scary thought.

        I just finished reading “Wife Number 19” it was amazing to see how willingly the early saints accepted the “doctrine” of polygamy. For some it was a struggle but as they believed that JS was a prophet the faithful had no choice but to accept his teachings. It made me think of this quote often used at church,

        “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien. As to be hated needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace.”.

        I definitely thought of the vice of polygamy and the awful curse brought on us all by the acceptance of that practice. If the brethren are successful in making these thorny issues seem familiar then the members will not be able to see the church for what it truly is.

    • Darcey

      The essays also led me out of the church. My parents left the church nearly two decades ago but the reasons they gave me at the time sounded like gibberish (Kinderhook plates, Adam-God theory, things I had never heard of in my life). The Internet was not well-established then and I continued on, thinking my parents had gotten hold of some “anti” material. Imagine how I felt when I found the essays last summer and learned that everything my parents told me was true. The church was finally admitting to some of these things. I’ve never felt more deceived in my life. I have also come to know over several months of intense study that Joseph Smith was an evil man.

  • Oh Say What is Truth

    Your letter is exactly how I feel. I didn’t leave the church because the leaders are fallible I left the church because the essays led me to study church history more closely. I must state that I came to the same conclusion. I was a TBM who served faithfully for over 50 years in the church but once I found out the truth from “a reputable source,” as watered down as it was I had to decide what I was to do with it.

    It is clear to me that the church leaders have known this history and that the Book of Abraham is a complete fraud and yet they hide it from everyone. I spent several sleepless nights trying to figure out what I was going to do about the information I uncovered. I chose to “do what is right and let the consequence follow.” I cannot stomach a church that hides the truth, glorifies men who would best be considered as “evil” by today’s standards. I do know that there is truth in the church and that today’s leaders are far better men than Joseph and Brigham ever were. I also know that they are willfully covering up the truth. The fact is that the foundational claims of the church are in doubt and they are what set the church apart from other religious institutions. When I was a teenager I read quite a bit of anti-mormon material and I was able to sort through it but I cannot condone church leaders who break the major commandments, tramp on their neighbors and marry other women, children and steal property and wives.

    This is not the behavior the Lord would condone for his prophets. I remember several years ago that Oral Roberts told folks he had received a revelation that if he was not able to collect the funds needed for his megachurch he “would be taken.” Luckily, he did not have to be put to the test because a rich benefactor donated a large sum of money. Obviously, it makes one wonder if God would really do such a thing. When I read the church essay on polygamy in Kirkland and Nauvoo it struck me as odd that the essay claimed that “the angel came with a drawn sword, threatening Joseph with destruction unless he went forward and obeyed the commandment fully.” Seems awfully convenient to me for folks taught to do whatever the prophet asks because the Lord would never give him a commandment to leave the church astray. I believe that to be a true statement. The Lord never would tell the leader of any church to mislead the members of the flock. Rather, the leaders themselves decide to take an action and then declare that “it is the will of God.” I know that the members are taught to not follow blindly, but this is precisely what happens when members do not question the truth of what they are told. For a religion that claims to accept all truth and that it will be “circumscribed into one great whole,” it does a great job of character assassination, downright obfuscation and coverup to prevent the faithful members from learning the truth about the early history of the church.

    I too am embarrassed that I was ever associated with a religion that accepts polyandry and polygamy as acceptable behavior for church leaders. There is no scriptural basis for polyandry. If Joseph and Brigham and many of the other church leaders are guaranteed a place the celestial kingdom then I will “do what is right” and take my chances with the Lord.

    • Nancy

      I agree with everything you say except for the fact that the church leaders are better today. My proof is the recent policy on gays. They are being singled out for their sins ( according to the church)! much more than unmarried co habitating heterosexuals. Right now being gay and in a relationship is worse than being a child molester or a murderer! That’s one messed up moral compass!

  • Joey

    They didn’t make mistakes, so much as they knew exactly what they were doing, most of the time, and why they were doing it. It just turns out that the reason Mormonisms founders did so many troubling things, is because their motivations were completely on themselves and not for the good of their followers.

    • Darrick Evenson

      You have discovered what the Brethren are really like once you remove their smooth-faced “masks”.

  • ACME50

    I wish more TBM’s could understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, when you explain your very-well-thought-out reasons for not believing, most take that as an attack on their intelligence and, as you put it, a lack of moral character. The Mormon church can be an awesome tool for good; it can also be the exact opposite. As members who choose to stay in, we’re the ones who decide which one it is.

    • AMC50,

      I am an active Latter-day Saint, and I feel for you and others when I hear them say or tell me that members of the Church sometimes misjudge doubters for a lack of moral capability. I too, was a doubter at one point and I was pretty open about it too (I made some members feel quite uncomfortable). Like you, I sometimes received similar treatment.

      I honestly think it’s a sign of lack of scholarly maturity on the part of the members of the Church. I do believe, however, that the leaders have good intentions and are currently doing their best to correct these errors. For instance, Elder Ballard has called on the Institute teachers to become more familiar with LDS history and to have a mature attitude when ministering to those dealing with doubts. He said flatly that the Institute programs have been failing and that they need to catch up with their history.

      Other Latter-day Saint scholars have also joined in on the conversation regarding doubt. In Partick Mason’s book “Planted,” he too calls for maturity and understanding and recounts stories he has heard regarding members accusing doubters of moral folly (he has many interesting stories). He straight up says that this is not ok (because it’s really not) and invites members and doubters to become familiar with history.

      Yes, there are Mormons who will likely speak lowly of those who have left the Church. I think this will always be so. But I apologize for their follies. I too have been guilty of falsely judging people for things that were entirely unprecedented. I ask for forgiveness. I would also ask those fustrated with the intellectual integrity of the Church to be patient. Scholars and leaders of the Church are well intentioned. But they absolutely need to catch up with historical transparency and they have realized this.

      I hope this helps.

      A friend,


      • amoreomeara

        Hi Eriç, ìt certainly sounds like you are a very well reasoned and compassionate type of guy. Out of interest, have you read any of these essays that are being discussed? would you even know where to find them? (I don’t) k 🙂

        • Amoreomeara,

          Are you referencing the Gospel Topics Essays? If so, check out the link below! These essays, I believe, are a great introduction to controversial aspects of history. Every essay has been reviewed by scholars and approved by the highest councils of the Church. These materials can be trusted for both scholarship and message. There are still more “Topics” that the Church is working on writing and publishing. But these Topics include, by are not limited to, “Race and the Priesthood,” “Are Mormons Christian,” and “Heavenly Mother” (see the link).

          With these Gospel Topics essays, I believe the Church recognized that there is a growing need for responsible mature answers. The standard pray, read the scriptures, and go to Church suffice as great answers for questions like “What is the Mormon Church,” or “What do Mormons practice?” or for active members, “Should I get married to so-so,” or “Should I serve a mission?” But questions relating to polygamy and other tough issues need a more sophisticated answer. These difficult perplexing questions deserve grown up mature answers. The Primary answers, of course, never cease to be important. But life becomes ever more complex as we grow.

          I would encourage you to check out the link below and read up! Don’t forget to check out the introduction too!

          Sorry for the long post.

          A Friend,


          • PrettyDaisies

            The link you shared from only includes 11 of the 13 essays. Here is a link that (currently) includes them all:

  • Beth Gee

    There are a few thing’s I would add, but the first that comes to mind is that it’s a church that creates inequality and then punishes those who dare to acknowledge that they are not being treated equally. Women and the lgbtq are ungrateful twats if they cannot accept their roles as dictated by white men from Utah. Step in line and don’t even suggest that you aren’t being treated right.

  • John Crane

    I listened to his podcast. Tom Phillips only received the public half of the Second Anointing. I know people who have received both the public and the private half, though not through the LDS church. And, believe me, it is NOT a joke. What’s a joke is people who pretend to have keys and authority that they do not have. And pretend to bestow priesthood and spiritual gifts, which they, themselves, do not possess. Everything you mentioned in this blog are but symptoms of this great underlying problem.

  • Laid out this way, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could continue to belong to this church, continue to make monetary and personal sacrifice to it. It must be because of ignorance, perhaps.

    I am fully faithful and committed to the church. I don’t know everything and far from it, but I know quite a bit. I think there’s a path for someone to be fully committed to church with an awareness of its history and mindful of its weaknesses. I don’t begrudge anyone who can’t make it work, but I think it’s important to understand and make mental room for those who can.


    As a teenager, I was taught to always observe people actions and more importantly non action rather than what they say or what they teach. As a teenager I watched the church exclude people based on race and then revelation come forth while under pressure when exposure become to great for the church. By my twenties, my faith was no longer with the LDS church. I cling to the bible and all of its moral teachings, as I’ve decided powerful wealthy controlling churches are not the path for my salvation.
    I thank your for your words and my heart and mind agree with everything you’ve written and appreciate your honesty and courage.

  • Rude Dog

    For me this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Really, it is much more profound than just the practice of corruption by the corrupt. I left the church when I started to comprehend that we are an evolved bi-pedal hominid, and part of our evolutionary psychology involves trying to understand our surroundings. We have such a need to understand our environment that we will accept bad explanations over no explanations. We will accept conspiracy theory over no theory. Religion is and was the first conspiracy theory, the first attempts of explaining our surroundings, our lives, the cosmos. Really, can be the case that at one time, in one place, one God created man in his image? Or quite the opposite, that at many times, in many places, man created many Gods in his and his cultural images? It is so obvious to me that religion is a man made construct to not only explain, even when the explanation is obviously falsifiable, but to also exert control of we primates over one another. Joseph Smith was just a chapter in this long and tedious book.

    I’m so glad I left the church, that I’ve come to understand that it takes an education, and humility to realize how much we don’t know as a species, yet we know quite a bit. We know that we are an evolved species, that the sun converts hydrogen into helium, that the building blocks of the universe lies on the atomic level, that these atoms behave in strange ways yet to be fully understood. I like living in this world of wonder and awe, appreciation and reverence. Where we learn from the trial and error of the scientific method, not the world of fear, the yearning for death and the next world, of superstition and supernatural arrogance proclaiming to know through the childish emotions of faith.

  • liberalinlove

    Here is what I love about the God I know. He leans into our desire for truth and for a relationship with Him that is based on truth. He pursues us with loving kindness. If that means becoming disappointed in man’s re-creation of HIM, he continues to draw us, woo us, remove our dead teachings and bring us into joyful knowledge of who He is.
    I’m not Mormon, but I respect the desire of my Mormon friends and family for righteous living. I encourage all to ask God and be ready for answers. He gives wisdom to all who ask, He gives it liberally, and he does not chastise those who seek.

  • lcutler75

    u say u studied church history but u fell way short
    cuz j.smith only had 1 wife which was emma n they both were strong opposition 2 polygamy
    in fact thats y j.smith was murderd cuz he was in the process of xcommunicating apostles who were secretly practicing polygamy..namely fatboy b.young
    those apostles r guilty of ascribing j.smiths name 2 polygamy even tho theres tons of documentation of the smiths opposition 2 polygamy
    its staring u rite in the face that b.young was behind polygamy n priesthood ban 2 blacks n the adam is God theory n the ignorant blood atonemnt n tons mor

    b.young n those polygamist apostles threw the smiths unda the stagecoach n 2days lds church throws them unda the bus by perpetuating the smiths involvemnt in polygamy lie
    prophets aint calld by man n thats xactly been the procedure since b.young was “calld 2b a prophet”
    thats y 2days church leaders r dead wrong bout their lgbt stance

    but i disagree bout the BofM bein plagerized
    it is an ancient record of ppls in early n.america n the only way j.smith couldve found as well as translate the pL8s is if God directd him 2
    a cool type n shadow of b.young leadin the church astray, is king noah doin it in the BofM, who also was a polygamist n supported him n his priests w church tithes
    by the by polygamy is calld an abomination in the BofM
    but im not sayin return 2 the church now cuz its clearly in disrepair
    xcept itll eventually get back on course

    • Darrick Evenson

      Wrong. There are tons of evidence that Joseph Smith practiced polygamy (really…serial adultery) which he publicly condemned it. MASSIVE evidence. get the book “Mormon Enigma” or “American Crucifixion” to read this evidence for yourself.

      • lcutler75

        tons of “utah lds” evidence which was supplied by b.young n his polygamous cronies, many yrs afta the 3 smith bros murders
        do yuh see the conflict of interest?
        i dont need 2 read books w agendas 2 tell me wut opinion 2 hav
        of course b.young n his cohorts had 2 ascribe j.smiths name 2 records (which u call evidence) in order 2 convince other members
        & it workd cuz many of the members followd him 2 utah
        xcept there were many who didnt buy it cuz they gnew the smiths were fierce opponents of polygamy n they didnt trapse west w fatboy
        the utah lds church would hav u believe that pert near all the members followd b.young but the truth is there was a gr8 rift n many members stayd behind
        the only reason the lds church chose 2 embrace its polygamous past is cuz they think it calls in2 kwestion their leadership authority

        • Darrick Evenson

          Wrong again! The LDS Church surpassed this information and, in large measure, is still doing so. This information is mostly from personal journals. WHY would the LDS Church bend over backwards to suppress these journals, deny access, etc., that it fraudulently created in the firdst place? WHY would Mormon leaders “create” evidence that made Joseph Smith look like a lying dirty scoundrel, and then NOT LET its own historians view this “evidence”. You’re living in fanatasyland. Please get out of it and see the Sun shinning at noon day.

          • lcutler75

            surpassed the info? look up surpassed, slick
            also the church has these journal entries alleging j.smith was a polygamist, archived on their own websites
            so look up suppressd while yer at it, ay pawcha

            i agree with u that polygamy is serial adultery
            unfortunately the church is embracing sum leaders polygamous past, which did happn
            but its wrongly embracing j.smiths “polygamous past” cuz it nevva happnd

            which is problematic 4u cuz if u believe j.smith was a polygamist..yer accepting that immoral men..who u calld serial adulterers..happn 2b tellin the truth bout smith
            over the many attempts of the smiths 2 quell polygamy in its tracks b4 they were murderd 4 their opposition then had their names falsely ascribed 2 it
            they were xtremely immoral yet honest?
            u cant hav it both ways, ace

            yer the 1 living in the fantasy land by letting authors w an agenda, form yer opinion
            instead of using common sense 2 ask kwestions like..
            wut does j.smith stand 2 gain by publicly bein strong opposition 2 polygamy in the church yet “secretly practicing” polygamy in the church?
            y didnt his wife emma follow b.young n the other adulterers west but instead stuck 2 her guns bout bein j.smiths only wife?
            y hav all the claimd descendants of j.smiths polygamy been disqualified by dna?
            if j.smith jus wrote the book of mormon outta the clear blu then y in the world would he make it 2 read that plural wives r an abomination, if he was a polygamist?
            y was a local mob formd 2 murder j.smith over sumthng as trivial as the destruction of a newspaper press?
            (not 4 nuthin but his bro hyrum was also murderd that same day n his other bro samuel was poisond 2 death jus a month later n they were both fiercely against polygamy n nex in line 2 lead the church)

            common sense dictates that b.young n his fello serial adulterers had the 3 smith bros killd so they could take control of the church,
            namely the female members n its tithes
            then they headed west 2 escape persecution of the law cuz it 2 opposed polygamy
            emma (& many others) didnt follo b.youngs church cuz she gnew it was now controlld by immoral men who murderd her hsbnd

          • Darrick Evenson

            Dear Ignorant Fool, I’ve studied all the evidence pro and con for 35. What you accuse me of, you do yourself! The LDS Church did not have over 90 women write in their journals in Nauoo “Joseph Smith married me secretly” or “Joseph Smith told me to secretly marry him and not tell my husband or an angel will destroy me” just to suppress the information for 160 years! The LDS Church did NOT “tell” women in Nauvoo to go to anti-Mormon newpapers in Ilinois and spill the beans on Joseph’s sexual adulteries!WHY would the do that? The evidence is overwhelming. YOU won’t accept any evidence that goes against what you WANT to be true. But, truth doesn’t work like that. I can no longer waste my time on fools! You stupid, ignorant fool!!!

          • lcutler75

            simmer down, evelyn
            35 wut? 35days? 35mins? 35secs? guess thats the advantage of bein a faceless troll cuz cant see how old u r or else yer older than 50 if its indeed 35yrs
            wut website did u read these journals on?
            or did u read it in a book with an agenda?
            cuz despite yer claims, the lds church has sites w journal entries that claim j.smith was a polygamist
            the only prob was they were ALL journals from wives of admitted polygamists
            so common sense dictates that they were deed told 2 write them in their journals n2 newspapers
            if theres journals or lettas 2 the editor by women who werent wives of polygamists then plz by all means direct me 2 them n prove me the fool
            cuz if conjecture is all u hav then youve alreddy reveald who the tru stupid ignorant fool is, chief

          • auntybear

            Lance, I am a strong member of the LDS faith and love Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the temple. The gospel has brought me so many blessings that I could not even begin to count them. That said, it is important to know that Joseph Smith did have more than one wife. It is well documented by LDS scholars alike. I personally have studied most of what the author has studied. Some of it comes from shady sources, others from the Church itself. I do not think that Joseph Smith was wrong about polygamy, but I do know that it started (in this dispensation) with him. Here is a great essay to read that most LDS leaders are encouraging their membes to read. Also, if you have other doctrinal questions, a great faith building site is FAIR

            Enjoy! Church history is amazing, and very faith building. The more I study it, the more in awe I am of the great faith and wisdom and righteousness of the early Saints and the Prophets. . .God really is good.

          • lance brett cutler

            well if u truly studied church history, u no doubt read numerous documentation of j.smith n his only wife, emma bein strong opponents of poly-gag-me
            then if smith was publiclly opposed 2 it yet secretly practiced it, thatd make him a liar
            & thats the dif between u n me
            whereas i believe smith was the restoration prophet who opposed polygamy
            thats y j.smith was murderd n emma refused 2 go west w the polygamists
            u believe he was a man who publicly lied bour opposing it but secretly married n bedded women
            there4 yer testimony of the BofM begins w the word of a liar
            how do u square that?

  • Ashley

    I find it interesting that those who speak against the church always assume that those still in are ignorant and naive. What do you say to the people who know the same exact history as you, but still believe the church is true? Believe it or not, this is possible.

  • Darrick Evenson

    Joseph Smith was a very morally flawed individual. And couple that with all the “problems” in Mormonism, such as the Book of Mormon anachronisms, the Book of Abraham MIStranslations, Kinderhood Plates, failed prophecies, etc. Just too much. I am now a Daheshist:

  • Don Bagley

    I never expected Mormons to be perfect, but they call themselves saints, so I expected them to at least be truthful. I have Mormon blood in my veins and was raised Mormon. I’ve never met a greater liar than my father. My mother is a backstabber, and they both have temple recommends. Whatever Mormon standards really are, I want none of it.

  • Jake

    I wish that people who don’t understand the Doctrine of Christ would take more time and attention in devoting praise towards Christ, or at least studying Christ in the Bible or Quran or Torah or whatever books they like. Like the Pharisees, you’re looking beyond the mark and getting disgruntled and distracted over a man you don’t understand like Joseph Smith instead of focusing on Jesus. If I didn’t believe Joseph Smith was a Prophet, but still wanted to make the world a better place, I wouldn’t waste my precious time and energy explaining my weak arguments, thoughts and feelings on the internet, but would focus on Christ and His teachings. We’re all in this world together to help and lift each other, not criticize dead historical characters.

  • Loren Evans

    Some interesting thoughts. The discussion on polygamy as serial adultery. There are many serious accounts of abuse in polygamy. There are, however, instances that it worked well. My gr-gr-grandfather married a woman, she was barren incapable of having children. He was given permission to take a second wife who bore my gr-grandmother and 4 other children. They all lived in a two room (yes, two room) home in Idaho and loved each other, supported each other. The children and descendants called the first wife Aunt Polley. Had there not been a second wife there would be many hundreds of descendants never born.

    On the other hand, the focus is on the evils of the early church leaders. Really, that same evil exists in church leadership today. Clearly that is evident in the handling of gays. In the last 40-50 years there have been 1000’s of members kill themselves from the teachings of lack of Christ-like compassion from the church. Even today there are leaders that are actively involved in organizations whose purpose is ultimately to have gays killed around the world. Those same leaders are key to the creation of religious freedom laws disguised has gay hate bills across this country.

    Years ago, I left the church to honorably live my life as a whole genuine gay man. Instead of being left alone in peace, what I find is the church coming after me and my kind non-members around this country and around the world working to take away my equal rights. That is not the way of Christ, it is un-American, goes against original church doctrines (see Articles of Faith) and a sure sign of a hateful bigoted organization. For church leadership in their silence to let 1000’s kill themselves, they have blood on them the same as early prophets with the Mountain Meadow Massacre, the attempts at murdering Gov. Boggs, etc.

  • Vic Ferrari

    *Slow clap*

    This is the best piece I’ve read yet on Zelph, and I read a lot of them. Just perfect. No substantive comment, just a “Thank you.”

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