How Well Do You Know the Lyrics of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief?”


Prestigious Prophet or Common Cultist?


10 DOs and DON’Ts For Thanksgiving With Your Mormon Family

Amani, aged 12, is learning English, French and Arabic, and is also recieving psychosocial support to help her forget the conflict in Syria. Her family were displaced inside Syria for 2 years before moving to Lebanon six months ago. 

"I feel so happy that I'm now learning again", she says.

Politically Conservative Mormons Experiencing Cognitive Dissonance Re: Church’s Call to Help Refugees


Too Faithful To Stay Mormon: My Story


(Mormon) God’s Revelation Priorities


If You’re a Pharisee and You Know it Wash Your Hands

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Bursting the Bubble: LDS Living’s “Compliments that Hurt Women”


002 – The One With The Closeted Atheist At BYU-I

From the heartland of American Zion, this is the Zelph On The Shelf Podcast.

Your Good Fruits Aren’t Always Good


My Life At BYU-I As a Gay Mormon


001 – The One Where Zelph Introduces Themselves

From the heartland of American Zion, this is the Zelph on the Shelf Podcast.
Image from “Amazing Optical Illusions,” by IllusionWorks

Victims and Beneficiaries — Who’s Who?

Joseph Smith

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Joseph Smith Story?

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LDS Church Slightly Changes Handbook Policy, Doubles Down On Everything Else, Hangs Millstone Around Neck

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So You Think the LDS Church Doesn’t Change Based on Public Opinion, huh?

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